Everything You Need For A Uniquely Unforgettable Stay

Washington DC. is a town where movers and shakers come to get business done – and we think your hotel stay should help make that simple. That’s why ARC HOTEL DC is happy to offer spacious guest rooms with a wide range of technologies, services, and amenities to help make your stay as unique, custom, and comfortable as possible. ARC HOTEL DC is a non-smoking hotel.

Whether you are traveling for business or on a vacation with your family, ARC HOTEL DC has everything you need to make the most out of your stay.


Never get locked out again.

When you arrive at ARC HOTEL, the key to your great stay is already in your hand.

Using our mobile app, your cell phone becomes your guest room key, as well as your personal concierge. Still like having a physical key? Not to worry, simply visit our lobby to have one in a snap. Everything your way.


Stay up to date with your favorite shows

Stream directly to our 55 inch HDTVs

At ARC HOTEL, gone are the days of hotel cable and pricey in-room movies for entertainment. Stream your favorite movies, without any inconvenience, directly from your device to our 55-inch HDTVs. After all, no one wants to hear about the latest episode of their show on the internet.



Mobile Concierge

24 hour email notications.

Virtual concierge is at your service, even when you forget to send the email until 2am. We are your easy button, and you can consider it done.


Pillow selection
preference is
up to you.


a restful night's sleep starts here.

If you don’t love it: don’t keep it, don’t eat it, and certainly don’t sleep on it. Like art, pillow selection is such a unique preference, which is precisely why ARC leaves this personal preference up to you. Make your selection, and rest easy. It’s much better for your morning. We promise.


Come explore beautiful Washington D.C. Reserve your stay today.